Since becoming a member of GS1 in 1988, GS1 Korea has distributed the GTIN, the identification system of GS1 standards to a variety of industries and now has more than 37,000 members. Our membership includes manufacturers, distributors and retailers from a wide range of industry sectors such as foods, apparel and textiles, pharmaceuticals, automotives, etc. Solution providers - hardware and software companies, consultancies, system integrators and training companies - who help the end user community implement the GS1 System are also active members of GS1 Korea.

Membership by Year

Membership by Industry Sector

- Name %
Processed Foods 38.6%
Fresh Foods 6.4%
Livingware/Houseware 29.3%
Healthcare 4.7%
Educational/Cultural Goods 6.1%
Consumer Durables 7.9%
Apparel/Accessaries 5.8%
Sports Equipment 1%
Others 0.2%