Mobile Commerce

About GS1 MobileCom

With over four billion users in the world, mobile phones are becoming an important channel for businesses and consumers to interact. Today mobile phones can "speak" to bar codes, read Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) tags and access the internet. By pointing and clicking a product or magazine, mobile phones bring information and service linked to a product closer to the consumer and the consumer closer to the brand.

GS1 MobileCom is an industry-wide initiative to enable businesses to give consumers access to product information via their mobile phones. The objective is to provide a simple way for consumers and businesses to interact based on an open infrastructure and open standards. GS1 has a role defining standards so that mobile commerce can become a reality:

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MobileCom Activities in Korea

Assisting internet portals' mobile service

GS1 Korea is assisting internet portal's mobile service to provide product information for smart phone users. This service is available by using KorEANnet, the GS1-compliant e-Catalog run by GS1 Korea, which plays a role as a single trusted source containing validated product data gathered from brand owners. Through connecting with KorEANnet, internet portals offer a range of services such as a price comparison and various promotional activities by manufacturers.

In May 2010, KorEANnet started to support leading internet portals such as NAVER, Daum, SK communications and GTIN queries reached more than 11 million as of June 2012.

Service Overview