Overview of EPCglobal Korea

EPCglobal® of GS1, is leading the development of industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code™(EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) information rich, trading networks. As the member organization representing the interests of Korea, EPCglobal Korea is in charge of local businesses ranging from EPC, management of EPC members, EPCglobal Network, EPCglobal related events as well as information on RFID/EPC.

GTIN(Global Trade Item Number)

The GTIN is used to automate the trading process? basically buying and selling. GTINs are therefore assigned to any item(product or service) that may be priced, or ordered, or invoiced at any point in any supply chain. The GTIN is then used to retrieve pre-defined information about the item. The key benefit is that information about the item can be retrieved about the product from the GTIN whether it is read in a GS1 BarCodes symbol, exchanged via a GS1 eCom message or accessed from the Global Data Synchronization Network.

What is EPC?

Electronic Product Code, or EPC, is a unique identification code that is generally thought of as the next generation of the standard bar code. Like the bar code, EPC uses a numerical system for product identification, but its capabilities are much greater. An EPC is actually a number that can be associated with specific product information, such as date of manufacture, origin and destination of shipment. This provides significant advantages for businesses and consumers. EPCs do not carry personally identifiable information. The EPC is stored on a RFID tag, which transmits data when prompted by a signal emitted by a special reader. EPC and RFID are not interchangeable. The EPC is a supply chain application that maximizes RFID technology to provide a level of visibility never before possible. There are numerous RFID applications that have nothing to do with the EPC, such as E-Z Pass use at tollbooths.

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