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Education and Training

As part of our efforts to enhance understanding and expedite broader adoption of the GS1 system of standards and its benefits, we offer our member companies a variety of training and education programs on the following subjects:

  • GS1 Standard Identification and Barcodes for Consumer Products
  • GS1 Standard Identification and Barcodes for Logistics Units
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Barcode Printing and Verification Service
  • RFID Technology Basics and Applications
  • Barcode in Healthcare / UDI / e-commerce

Furthermore, we are running GS1's on-line training platform called "GS1 LEARN"(http://learn.gs1.org/). This internet-based training service provides all GS1 Korea members and user companies with high-quality blended training courses on GS1 system of standards such as GS1 Identification keys, barcodes, RFID & EPCglobal Network, GDSN, etc.

You can find our recent education and training here