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Barcode Verification Service

To prevent economic losses resulting from failures of barcode scan, GS1 Korea offers "Barcode Verification Service" for products printed with international standard barcodes(EAN, UPC, GS1-128, ITF-14, etc.). This service allows retailers to ensure that barcodes from any products comply with GS1 standards through a verification process based on international standards(ANSI and ISO).

Overview of Barcode Verification Service

Major retailers stepped up their efforts to adopt UPSS, which led to a significant increase in the number of applied stores of more than 66,252 as of December 2015. Furthermore, the adoption of UPSS has been propelled not only at off-line retail stores but also in online merchandising. The adoption of UPSS by internet-based merchandising makes on-line shopping more trusted and safe.

With the UPSS system, the sale of unsafe products is automatically blocked, which in effect provides consumers with a sense of relief and confidence. Eventually, the system reduces recalls, thus reducing cost for management and enhancing brand images for the companies involved.